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Resource Management

Deeperpoint can help you navigate the unfamiliar waters of global freelancer hiring. Deeperpoint offers three levels of recruiting, staffing and onboarding services:   Bronze Develop a project-specific staffing strategyReview, consult, and edit job postingsReview provider profiles and make recommendations for a short listTeach techniques like…

Rich Media PDFs

You’ve seen multimedia that you would love to use in corporate communication. Unfortunately, the corporate IT department is very security-conscious. They resist installing a new server or web application inside the firewall, and they forbid putting corporate information on outside hosts. They ‘encourage’ everyone use…

Video Speaks Every Language

You have a critical, but tricky, procedure that must be followed throughout your global operation. You have vendors in China, plants in Portland and Valdosta, offices in Seoul, Stuttgart and Cairo. So far, you have relied on emails and memos, but there are clear differences…